The World of Fred Rohm 1 by Peter Ford

64 pages 35 models intermediate/advanced. These three booklets have been compiled by Pete Ford from the notebooks of Neal Elias, who made drawings of many models by Fred Rhom (who did not diagram his own work). Neal found Fred’s work very attractive and he describes Fred as one of the best originators within this field of origami. The diagrams do not show easy, step by step instructions, so these booklets are not for beginners. However they contain a large collection of highly original models. Many of Fred’s models start from a base of Fred’s own design. Horse / Kissing Rabbits / House Fly / Cat / Pegasus / Base / Angry Goose / Elephant / Squirrel / Turkey / Rabbit / Wise Man on Camel / Whistlers Mother / Hog / Rabbit on Dice / Scottie / Dog / Bird / Bird / Dog / Skunk / Squirel / Dog / Pot of Flowers / Backyard Symphony / Hippo / Base / Cringy / Scout Emblem / Bear / Cat / Cat / See-Saw / Witch and Cat on Broomstick / Togetherness / Five Animals / Seal / Vera Cruz


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The World of Fred Rohm 1 by Peter Ford

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