School Pack 1000 sheets 15cm Coloured Origami Paper


An economical pack designed for use in schools or larger paper folding groups. There are 1000 sheets of 65gsm coloured paper, 700 sheets of which are double sided and 300 single sided. The paper is 15cm square perhaps the most common size used by paper folders.


  • Economy bulk package for school or group origami projects
  • Vivid and frequently used colours – 20 double-sided Colours (70 sheets each) : Red/Pink, Orange/Bright Pink, Yellow/Bright Yellow, Green/Yellowish Green, Dark Green/Bright Green, Bright Blue/Sky Blue, Dark Blue/Blue, Purple/Bright Purple, Dark Pink/Pale Pink, Black/Grey + 10 single-sided Colours (30 sheets each) : Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Bright Green, Bright Blue, Blue, Purple, Bright Pink, Black
  • 15 cm square approx 65gsm
  • Includes 1,000 sheets of 15cm Paper
  • 30 Colours


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