Pantone Four Seasons Kirigami set

80 Sheets patterned paper 60 gsm. Offering a variety of designs printed with Pantone colours. The pack is designed to present a variety of colours related to the four seasons. The paper is quite thin, which makes it easy to cut. The paper is folded along one axis, then cut along the outlined figure to produce a representation of one of the four seasons in Korea. It is an example of kirigami – a relative of origami which uses cutting as well as folding to produce the model.

Younger children may find origami slightly challenging, but from a young age, they will be familiar with using a pair of scissors and so this pack is perfect for encouraging them to develop their manual dexterity whilst having fun. After cutting, the “remainder” of the paper can also be used to form a decoration.

Supplied in a strong plastic case which makes it easy to carry around the paper without damage and which can later be reused with other packs of paper.

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