Origami Miniature Decorative Box Kit

A pack containing all you need to produce the beautiful boxes shown on the cover.  The pack includes pre-printed patterned papers for the lids, tant paper for the boxes as well as standard origami paper so you can practice the model before using the patterned paper. The designs have all been created by Makoto Yamaguchi, once of Japan’s creative Masters.

Illustrated diagrams are included with text in English. Some designs require you to cut squares in half to form 2×1 rectangles. If you are familiar with boxes by Tomoko Fuse, you will have no problems making these, but the paper is quite small (hence the name!) so beginners might struggle a little. Cut and fold the paper really accurately for the best results! You can, of course, practise using larger paper of your own.


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Origami Miniature Decorative Box Kit

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