My Fundamentals by Kunihiko Kasahara

68 pages simple/intermediate. Kasahara is one of the creative giants of origami. Over the past 40 years he has written over 150 books on the subject. The BOS is proud to offer this collection of unpublished material reflecting his creative philosophy and his current approach to origami. The text is in English and the cover shows a delightful montage of designs within.

1 2 3 and 4 Creases / Symmetric Creases / Creases put to Work / Owl / Getting out of Symmetry / Masks / Objects / Expansion of A / Objects again / Rock in the River / Cliff / Kingfisher and Strong Current / Cormorant / Kingfisher / Hills / Cubes / Basic Cubes I to XI / Cube in the Cubic Box / Final Analysis / Fossilised Cube / Bisected Cube / 5-section / Circles / Making Polygons and a Circle / Swallow / Pentadecagon


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My Fundamentals by Kunihiko Kasahara

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