Mick Guy - Origami Checkerboard Puzzles

An origami version of the classic Checkerboard puzzle. 8 levels in increasing difficulty – are you up for the challenge? 44 pages including an introduction to the “checkerboard family”, an origami glossary, techniques to practice and 15 models, divided into 2 levels.
Mick writes: “Checkerboard pieces are geometric shapes comprising alternate coloured and white squares. The classic puzzle requires that up to fifteen of these pieces fit together to make a standard 8×8 checkerboard or chessboard square. The challenge I set myself was to design, from single squares or rectangles, a set where the reverse side is plain and the parts robust enough to withstand rigorous use. Unlike the classic version, this one evolved into a number of challenges starting with a 3×3 from two pieces and continually adding others until the 8×8 is achieved.”

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