Korean Pattern paper + 'Geometric Origami' ebook

A perfect combination – 20 sheets Traditional Patterned Korean Papers No 2 15cm square and an electronic copy of “BOS 18 – Geometric Origami” by Philip Shen, written by Paul Jackson.

A superb introduction to the geometric designs of Philip Shen, which have proved influential on so many designers. The booklet includes an article on Shen’s philosophy.

Introduction / How to construct a triangle/pentagon/hexagon / Pinwheel / Pavilion / Chinese ding / Incense burner / Form / Cup / Star / Dish-1 / Dish-2 / Container with lid / Cube / Bowl / Flower / 10 pointed star / Tetrahedron / Bibliography

Buying this combination will save money on individual purchases! When you place an order, you will be sent a link to download the ebook so you can be practicing the models using (for example) photocopy paper ahead of receiving the actual top quality paper.



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