Korean Pattern paper plus 'Geometric Origami by Philip Shen' ebook

A perfect combination – 20 sheets Traditional Patterned Korean Papers No 2 15cm square and an electronic copy of “BOS 18 – Geometric Origami” by Philip Shen, written by Paul Jackson.

A superb introduction to the geometric designs of Philip Shen, which have proved influential on so many designers. The booklet includes an article on Shen’s philosophy.

Introduction / How to construct a triangle/pentagon/hexagon / Pinwheel / Pavilion / Chinese ding / Incense burner / Form / Cup / Star / Dish-1 / Dish-2 / Container with lid / Cube / Bowl / Flower / 10 pointed star / Tetrahedron / Bibliography

Buying this combination will save money on individual purchases! When you place an order, you will be sent a link to download the ebook so you can be practicing the models using (for example) photocopy paper ahead of receiving the actual top quality paper.



Korean Pattern paper plus 'Geometric Origami by Philip Shen' ebook

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