Hearts 3D by David Petty

Privately published in 1992, this 112 page Spiral-bound collection of designs is based around the “hearts” theme and intended as a follow-up to two earlier collections by Francis Ow. The models vary from simple to intermediate – as the author says “diagrams with more steps will be more difficult!

We discovered some copies of this rare book in our warehouse and stocks are limited. Folders of all ages and abilities will find lots to entertain them!

Heartstring series David Petty
String ring 1 David Petty
String ring 2 David Petty
String ring 3 David Petty
Lover’s garland David Petty
Heartstring 1 David Petty
Endless love David Petty
Cheating heart David Petty
Beau tie David Petty
Heart cube David Petty
Heart page marker David Petty
Heart corner 1 David Petty
Heart corner 2 David Petty
Double heart corner marker David Petty
Heart bookmark Elsje van der Ploeg
Heart bookmark Elsje van der Ploeg
Love letter Jose Meeusen (Krooshoop)
Love letter 1 Jose Meeusen (Krooshoop)
Love letter 2 Jose Meeusen (Krooshoop)
Heart chace Edwin Corrie
3D heart card 1 David Petty
3D heart card 2 Wayne Brown
3D heart card 3 Jose Meeusen (Krooshoop)
3D heart card 4 Wayne Brown
Heart Maarten van Gelder
Plain heart Francis Ow
3D heart David Petty
3D heart Stephen A. Palmer
Clip on heart Stephen A. Palmer
Hart’s heart Larry Hart
Inflated heart Tony O’Hare
Double heart Francis Ow
Standing heart Stephen A. Palmer
Heart with stand Sebastian Guerard
Lonely heart column Edwin Corrie
My heart reaches out to you Nick Robinson
Clockwork heart David Petty
Key to love David Petty
Pierced heart David Petty
Love match David Petty
Love match 2 David Petty
Cupid’s dart David Petty
Cupid’s arrow Francis Ow
Fan of fancy Francis Ow
Love song David Petty
Love song 2 Francis Ow
Dynamic heart David Petty
Loving kiss David Petty
Sloppy kiss David Petty
Fancy heart Sebastian Guerard
Throbbing heart Simon Andersen
Broken heart Edwin Corrie
Love of origami Edwin Young
Heart with samurai helmet Edwin Young
Crane in love Elsje van der Ploeg
Celestial love Edwin Young
Love bird Edwin Young
Peace and love Edwin Young
Heart frame David Petty
Surrounded by love Jose Meeusen (Krooshoop)
Heart box David Petty
Heart box 2 David Petty
Heart box Jose Meeusen (Krooshoop)
Heart decoration Jose Meeusen (Krooshoop)
Heart cube Nick Robinson
Love spoon David Petty
Heart beat (metronome) David Petty


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Hearts 3D by David Petty

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