BOS Model Collection 2012 Spring (Birmingham)

The complete collection in printed format.

8 Pyramids Cube – Tom Hull
Icosahedron Plus Unit – Tom Hull
Two-color Equilateral Unit – Tom Hull
Dog 17 – Edwin Corrie
Modular Star – Michel Grand
Propella – Michel Grand
Purse – Mark Bolitho
Jewellery box – Max Hulme
Drinking Glass – Michel Grand
Chair – Neil Elias
Up on the rooftop – Iris Walker
Westie – Cristophe Boudias c/o Liceo Frances
Pelican – Juan Francisco Carrillo
Giraffe – David Raynor
Bracelet – Nick Robinson
Field Flower – David Martinez
Leap Frog – Gay Merrill Gross
Goldfinch Star – Nick Robinson
3D Heart – David Petty
Owl – Wayne Brown
Elephant – Wayne Brown
Rabbit – Mindaugas Cesnavicius
Stellated wotsit – Francesco Mancini
Butterfly For Kyoto – Michael G. LaFosse
Penguin – John Montroll
House with Windmill – Andrew Hudson
Alien – Kade Chan
Origami and Learning Mathematics – Sue Pope and Tung Ken Lam


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