BOS Model Collection 2017 Autumn (Stratford)

Compete Model Collection – 258 pges!

Dreaming Cat – Giang Dinh
Homage to the Bird Base – Giang Dinh
The Little Clown – Giang Dinh
Rooster – Giang Dinh
Pentagonal Box – Tomoko Fuse
One- Third Envelope – Tomoko Fuse
Fox Cub – Paul Jackson
Baseball Cap – Paul Jackson
Bumper Car – Paul Jackson
Unicorn – Robert Lang
Hollow Octahedron Unit – Nick Robinson
Pureland Penguin Colony – Mick Guy
Two Tone Butterfly – Marc Vigo
Teddy Bear Festival/Four Seasons – Viviane Berty, Michel Grand, Francesco Mancini
Star Josephine – Carmen Sprung
Candle Sanja – Srbljinovic Cucek
Flapping Butterfly – Deg Ferrelly
Butterfly Envelope – Coral Romà
Zoomerang – Sammy Ang
The Bard – Max Hulme
Finger Mouse – Wayne Brown
The Beatles – Paul McCartney – Tony O’Hare
Nodding Elvis – Giles Towning
Squirrel – Nick Robinson
Sheep – Jens Kober
Rooster – Chung
Sparrow – Antonio Chavez Armas
Flapping Bird – Edwin Corrie
Flamingo – Michael Trew
Seated Bull – Edwin Corrie
Shy Mouse Finger Puppet – Rikki Donachie
Pig – Chang Chit Leong
Fox Baby – Daniel Chang
Dall sheep – Rui Roda

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BOS Model Collection 2017 Autumn (Stratford)

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