BOS Model Collection 2014 Autumn (Bradford)

The complete collection in printed format. See full list in the description below.


BOS Model Collection 2014 Autumn (Bradford)

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The complete collection in printed format.

Dogwood Flower Vase (Blythe Creamer) / Valentine’s Box (Wayne Brown) / Foliage Plant (Damien Marcotte) / Origami Black Belt (Tony O’Hare) / One Piece Clic-Clac (Sy Chen) / Octospiral (Meenakshi Mukerji) / Angel Fish (Olga Soukharevsky) / Lily (Wayne Brown) / Tavin’s Turtle (Wolf Weidner) / Lovebird (Antonio Chavez Armas) / Basket (Eric Kenneway) / X-Ray Hex-Star Envelope (Michel Grand) / Simplest Page Marker Heart (Michel Grand) / Snake (Christophe Boudias) / Box (Tim Ward) / Guardsman (Nick Robinson) / Batmobile (Mark Sganlevi) / Golden XYZ (Dennis Walker) / Triangular Gift Box (Dennis Walker) / Mermaid on a fish (Noel Stanton) / Star Taler’s Ball (Angelika Schwengers) / Puppy Unit (Francis Ow) / 2nd Stellation of the Cuboctahedron (James Lucas) / Face (Mark Bolitho) / Odd Dog (Nigel Elworthy) / Heart with Arrow (Hadi Tahir) / Up On the Roof (Iris Walker) / Puzzle for Nathaniel (Mick Guy) / Pop Up Gift Card (Tony O’Hare) / Buttonhole (Max Hulme) / New Year’s Ball (Michael Trew) / Little Bird (Christine Blasek) / Angel Fish (Mick Stephens) / Origami Snake (Rakefet Kol) / Bulldog (Jacky Chan) / Car (Stefan Delecat) / Leaves & Stem (David Donahue) / Tico Star (Maria Sinayskaya) / Horse’s Head (Yara Yagi) / Flower X (Ali Bahmani) / Curlicue (Assia Brill) / Leonie’s Star (Francesco Mancini) / Spinning Globe (Giles Towning) /



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