BOS Model Collection 2019 Spring (Bradford)


The complete collection in printed format. 140 pages. Stock of printed copies are strictly limited so please don’t wait too long to order.

Dasa Severova – Assymmetrical box
Dasa Severova – Star Matilda
Dasa Severova – Lonely Flower
Dasa Severova – Circle of diamonds
Joao Charrua – Curvature de um Triangulo
Joao Charrua – Monstrito
Joao Charrua – Curved Bear
Joao Charrua – Sr. Caveira
Wayne Brown – Glass Parrot
Nick Robinson – Beaky
Jonathan Evans – Frog – Duck
Viviane Berty – Snowy Owl
Tai Hsi Min – Musk Pig
Rui Roda – Walrus
Dimitris Dalas – Little Pegasus
Oriel Esteve – Horse
Giles Towning – Geo Crown Box
Marc Vigo – Koala
Klaus – Dieter Ennen – Drachen (Dragon) Report
Arthur Biernacki – Sad Apple
Federico Scalambra – Magician
Carlos Hermosa Rios – Iguana
Michael Weinstein – Slant Bowl
Didier Boursin – Octahedron
Pasquale D’auria – Self – closing box
Sy Chen – Division Dice
José Meeusen – Buzzsaw Star
Natalie Romanenko – Bergamia
Rob Foorde – Red Cross Cubes
Winnie Leung – Accidental
Lee Armstrong – Wren
Francis Ow – Cross Puzzle
Francesco Decio – Stella Frattale
Krystyna Burczyk – Drawing Conclusions
Leong Cheng Chit – Pig
Victoria Serova – Giraffe
Pavel Nikulshin – Cuttlefish
Fumiaki Kawahata – Nautilus
Yuval Atlas – Kabuto Beetle
Kunsulu Jilishiyeva – Zak (Rabbit)
Pasquale D’auria – Istrice (Porcupine)
Tony O’Hare – Daffodil


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