BOS Model Collection 2019 Autumn (Milton Keynes)

A printed copy of the Model Collection – 116 pages of exciting and mostly unpublished designs!

Paolo Bascetta – Inside 1
Paolo Bascetta – Ottaedro Tronco Traforato
Paolo Bascetta – Runners
Paolo Bascetta – TriA4
Eric Vigier – Ganesh
Eric Vigier – Hippocampunk
Eric Vigier – Hirondelle
Eric Vigier – Porcupine
Sanja Srbljinovic Cucek – Dragonfly on a leaf
Krystyna Burczyk – Twirls – Deep Water
Eiji Sakai – Giraffe
Nick Robinson – Penrose Triangle
Hadi Tahir – Car
Francesco Mancini – Firedance
Rikki Donachie – Walking Waterbomb
Rob Foorde – Tumbleweed
Rui Roda – Telma Bird
Usman Rosyidhi – Asturo Star
Nick Robinson – Weimar Bowl
Michael Weinstein – Flecha Contundente
Michael Weinstein – Streamliner
Gilad Aharoni – Meeple
Max Hulme – Square Box
Maria Sinayskaya – Hex Star
Ed Sprake – Thistle
Oriol Esteve – Rabbit
Oriol Esteve – Moustache
Leong Cheng Chit – Dining Chair
Francis Ow – 6 Piece Star of David
Barbara Furmanowicz – Little Sparrow
Giles Towning – Decoy Duck
Ted Norminton – Santa
Nigel Elworthy – 3D Heart
Nigel Elworthy – Business Card Module
Lee Armstrong – Turtle
Edwin Corrie – Pot


BOS Model Collection 2019 Autumn (Milton Keynes)


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