BOS Electronic membership 2021

This membership is for people who prefer to read pdf versions of the magazine. To reflect the current situation, we have reduced the cost to only £5 for 2020.

What do you get for your money? As well as all the other benefits of memberships such as BOSmail (our private mailing list), access to our Library, Conventions, 10% discount from our Supplies shop, you will receive six superb (pdf) magazines a year. The membership runs for a calendar year, January to December. You will receive all 6 magazines for the year in which you join.

Here are some other good reasons to join us…

  • To learn or develop your paper-folding skills. We have many members (some with over 40 years experience – they never leave us!) who will be delighted to help you.
  • To find other local folders to share your hobby with. there’s nothing brings you on faster than folding with others to help you.
  • To attend local and national meetings. We meet as a group twice a year and also run many smaller “mini-meetings”.
  • To access information from our members area. This features back-copies of our magazine and huge numbers of unpublished diagrams.
  • To become involved in the development and running of the Society. We are run by volunteers and are always looking for members to get involved in many different ways. Don’t be shy, we need fresh faces and new ideas.

Why wait? Join now!


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