2019 Model Collection Spring Ebook


A complete PDF of the Collection – 140 pages

Dasa Severova – Assymmetrical box
Dasa Severova – Star Matilda
Dasa Severova – Lonely Flower
Dasa Severova – Circle of diamonds
Joao Charrua – Curvature de um Triangulo
Joao Charrua – Monstrito
Joao Charrua – Curved Bear
Joao Charrua – Sr. Caveira
Wayne Brown – Glass Parrot
Nick Robinson – Beaky
Jonathan Evans – Frog – Duck
Viviane Berty – Snowy Owl
Tai Hsi Min – Musk Pig
Rui Roda – Walrus
Dimitris Dalas – Little Pegasus
Oriel Esteve – Horse
Giles Towning – Geo Crown Box
Marc Vigo – Koala
Klaus – Dieter Ennen – Drachen (Dragon) Report
Arthur Biernacki – Sad Apple
Federico Scalambra – Magician
Carlos Hermosa Rios – Iguana
Michael Weinstein – Slant Bowl
Didier Boursin – Octahedron
Pasquale D’auria – Self – closing box
Sy Chen – Division Dice
José Meeusen – Buzzsaw Star
Natalie Romanenko – Bergamia
Rob Foorde – Red Cross Cubes
Winnie Leung – Accidental
Lee Armstrong – Wren
Francis Ow – Cross Puzzle
Francesco Decio – Stella Frattale
Krystyna Burczyk – Drawing Conclusions
Leong Cheng Chit – Pig
Victoria Serova – Giraffe
Pavel Nikulshin – Cuttlefish
Fumiaki Kawahata – Nautilus
Yuval Atlas – Kabuto Beetle
Kunsulu Jilishiyeva – Zak (Rabbit)
Pasquale D’auria – Istrice (Porcupine)
Tony O’Hare – Daffodil

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