BOS Model Collection 2018 Autumn (Oxford)

A printed copy of the Model Collection – 258 pages – limited stock!

Crimpellation  – Alessandra Lamio
Gufowl – Alessandra Lamio
Stumbling Squares – Alessandra Lamio
“” and Variations – Alessandro Beber
Dasa Star – Alessandro Beber
Penrose Triangle – Alessandro Beber
“Trapped!” – Alessandro Beber
Reptiles – Tessellating Shapes Nick Robinson
Origami Chat with Pythagoras – Sanja Srbljinovic-Cucek
Trisecting an Obtuse – Angle Reza Sarvi
Pythagoras 2 Euclidean Proof in Origami – Sanny Ang
The Largest Pentagon in a Square – Giles Towning
Finding a Heptagon from a Square – Giles Towning
Nonagon – A Nine Cornered Shape – Giles Towning
Undecagon – Eleven Cornered Shape – Giles Towning
Tridecagon – A Thirteen Cornered Shape – Giles Towning
Pentagon – Folding Shapes and Proofs – Fu Wei
Heptagon – Folding Shapes and Proofs – Fu Wei
Baby Parrot – Riccardo Foschi
cArte coeur double – Michel Grand
Elephant – Robert Foord
Majestic Flapping Bird – Laura Kruskal
Rat – Nick Robinson
Dollar $ Pig – Jens Kober
Badger – Tony O’Hare
Cartoon Bat – Jens-Helge Dahmen
Speech to the young couple – Hans Dybkjaer
Rocket – Yara Yagi
Kumbang / Bug – Herdy Soepono
Hedgehog – Mark Bolitho
Puppy – Eiji Sakai
Butterfly – Lee Armstrong
Grumpy Frog – Oriol Esteve
YAHOOwl – Marc Vigo
Tortley-Turtoise – Rikki Donachie
Cartoon Unicorn – Blythe Creamer
Tree From Zorg – Eric Vigier
Mouse – Eric Vigier
Pios / Peeps – Angel Morollon

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BOS Model Collection 2018 Autumn (Oxford)

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