1982 Model Collection Spring Ebook

A complete PDF of the Collection – 43 pages

Relief shadowbox by Unknown
Cat and glider by Unknown
Crabe by J.C. Correia
Face by Paul Jackson
Seagull by Ted Norminton
Flower by David Collier
Pegasus by Momatani
Church by Unknown
Box by Shuzo Fujimoto
Hexagonal box by Shuzo Fujimoto
Cube by Shuzo Fujimoto
Cube with a square by Shuzo Fujimoto
Salt seller ball by P. Messer
Angry Goose by Fred Rhom
Sailing ship by Anthony O’Hare
Santa trims a tree by Fred Rhom
Koala on a branch by Steven Casey
Cat plus Mouse by Fred Rhom
Star by Dave Brill
Corgi by Dave Brill
Maple seed by Stephan Weiss
Fox by Stephan Weiss
Old Woman by Unknown
Dragonfly by Anthony O’Hare
Box and Lid Philip Shen
Four compartment box
Spinning top by Okuda
Race Car by Michael Stacher
Balancing bird by John Smith
The Ugly ducking by Roberto Morassi
Elephant by Andrea Peggion
Flower (traditional thai design) collected by Dorothy Kaplan
Helicopter by Iris Walker
Emergency key by Ted Darwin
Cross tessellation by Ted Darwin
Greek cross by Ted Darwin
Victoria cross by Ted Darwin
Bull by Peter Lillington


1982 Model Collection Spring Ebook

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