1981 Model Collection Spring Ebook

A complete PDF of the Collection – 40 pages

Monitor Lizard – Hulme M
Bat – Weiss S
Peacock – O’Hare A
Knight With Sword & Shield – Stern J
Flying Bird – O’Hare A
Hexicarton – Cunliffe J
Book With Three Pages – Brill D
Boy On A Toboggan – Crawford P
Frog – Weiss S
6 Module Facetted Ornament – Morassi R
Icosahedron Ball – Fujimoto S
3D Decoration – Richardson J
Trug (Basket) – Hulme M
Star Behind A Star – Justin J
Pig – Gray A
Envelope With Heart – Kumazaka H
Eagle Landing – O’Hare A
Turtle – Givone C
Parlour Table & Chairs – Kisoshita I
Cat Head – Hulme M
Rupert Bear – Mason D
Chrysanthemum – Cooker R
3d Blow-Up Star – Walker I
3d Harlequin Star – Wall M
Cobra – Hulme M
Flexagon – Yenn T


1981 Model Collection Spring Ebook

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