1980 Model Collection Autumn Ebook


A complete PDF of the Collection – 48 pages

Set squares – Cunliffe J
Ape – Baggi G
Cat mask – Richardson J
Butterfly – Messer P
Bulldog – Kasahara K
Boy wearing origami hat – Kenneway E
Cube – Palacios V
Sampan – Hulme M
Cube – O’Hare A
Star – Brown W
Angel – Elias N
Wristwatch – Shall D
Winnie the pooh – O’hare A
Telephone – Mason D
Tangrams – Brown W
Ring with heart – Kumazaka H
\r\nglider – Crawford P
Iguana – Correia J
Musical monkey – Yoshihisa I
Lioness – Brill D
Deer – Hulme M
In the doghouse – Weiss S
Me & my shadow – Rohm F
Broody hen – O’hare A
Garden bench – Kinoshita I
Pelicote – Cunliffe J
Flutterbye – Nakano D
Puppy with slipper – Stanton N
Mother love – Elias N


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