150 sheets A4 Paper plus 'The Silver Rectangle' ebook

This is A4 construction paper that can be used for all kinds of art and craft projects, as well as for origami! The pack comprises 150 sheets 100gsm art paper in 10 bright colours. The paper has a subtle and attractive “sheen” to it..

To give you inspiration, this pack is here combined with an ebook edition of John Cunliffe’s classic “The Silver Rectangle” BOS booklet where every design uses “A” proportioned paper. This booklet has been popular for decades, providing not only A4-based designs, but also some background into the unique geometry of this wonderful rectangle, how to divide a silver rectangle into three equal parts by folding and how to change any sheet of paper to a silver rectangle using folding methods (for Americans!)

It contains 26 models: Arrow / Symbols / Cone or corner / Box – long or cubical / Collapsible box / Banded box / Case, cap, wrapper / Cube / Frame / Hexicarton / Hexagon / Letter fold / Mitred corner / Notecase or pad / Notecase / Pentagon / Pentagram / Hexagon / Pentagon / Square / Seed packet / Set squares / Rhombus / Tetrahedron / Triangle / Table napkin / Z envelope

Buying this combination will save money on individual purchases! When you place an order, you will be sent a link to download the ebook so you can be practicing the models using (for example) photocopy paper ahead of receiving the actual top quality paper.



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