100 sheets A4 Embossed Construction Paper

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This is a heavyweight embossed art paper that can be used for all kinds of art and craft projects. The pack comprises 100 sheets 190gsm art paper in 10 bright colours that can be used for all kind of projects including card making scrapbooking etc

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1 review for 100 sheets A4 Embossed Construction Paper

  1. Lee Armstrong

    This is probably the heaviest, thickest paper available from this site. I bought some as an experiment for wet and dry tension folding. At 190gsm it isn’t going to suit lots of origami, but for less complex models, it has some good features:
    – it isn’t easy to get paper you can wet fold in such bright colours.
    – it is possible to fold wet or dry – don’t wet it too much though or the paper will weaken and tear. I guess this paper is 100% wood pulp, so is less strong than more expensive papers that have long cotton fibres.
    – while it isn’t heavily sized the paper will take some shaping when wet and will hold position once dried. I don’t expect the models will last as long as they would from more expensive watercolour paper like arches, or a pastel paper like canson, and the paper is less beautiful than either of those, but if you want to experiment and sketch out ideas without using up you best paper this works well. I won’t be using it for “exhibition” pieces but it has its place in designing models when I want to try things out.

    The only trouble is, my children have discovered this is great for paper crafts so are now using up my pack at a much faster rate than me. I have star reared for origami, I am sure it rates higher if you want to use it as intended as construction paper for other paper crafts.

    • Nick Griffiths

      Would you mind if we copied and pasted as a review on our site?
      Nick G

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