05 Inspiration For Teaching Origami – John Smith (e-book)


Teaching origami (Samuel Randlett) / Japanese flapping bird (Lillian Oppenheimer) / Marcia Brown’s method (Florence Temko) / You work as well (Joan Homewood) / Beginners’ course (John Cunliffe) / Teaching lesson (Iris Walker) / Night school class (Mick Guy) / Some ideas from Yoshizawa (John Smith) / How to spread the origami gospel (Jessie Seto) / Teaching children 1 (Betsy Kitch) / Teaching children 2; method in my madness (Laurie Bisman) / Teaching origami creation (Samuel Randlett) / From a letter (Samuel Randlett) / Origami in psychotherapy (Saul Hofstein) / Origami as a mental therapy (Paul Castles) / Origami in a psychiatric hospital (Paul Castles)



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