We ended last year on a high with a record number of orders from members of the British Origami Society many of whom were renewing their subscriptions and buying paper at the same time. As official suppliers to the BOS we also stock a wide range of books on Origami which are available either in hard copy or as e-books. Members enjoy a 10% discount on their entire order.

As mentioned in our last newsletter we will be producing seasonal pages which will focus on major events in the calendar, the next one being Valentine’s Day 14 February.

Packs of Metallic Paper
100 Sheet packs of pearl and metallic papers were launched last year and proved quite popular in the runup to Christmas, the paper being suitable for making Christmas decorations.

Mineral Paper and Vivid Paint Boxes

These are now available for sale and we will be offering some bargains for January. Our mineral paper is very good for folding and is also water-resistant so it can be used for floating models. In addition, it makes an excellent surface for water-based paints acrylics watercolours etc. We have it in three sizes A5, A4 and A3.

Hologram and Pearl

Vivid Paint Box
Mineral Paper
Play with Paper
 Origami Packs

Themed Origami Packs

Introduced in December is a range of themed Origami Packs which are supplied with instructions in Korean and diagrams which can be easily followed by any origamist. Aimed at children themes include; dinosaurs, aquarium, role paying, my ideal home, military camp and paper blade (spinning top).

New Products
We will be visiting Korea in the month of February so please let us know if you would like us to discuss anything with our main supplier Jong Ie Nara. They are about to launch an exciting new type of paper which is only 50gsm and should be suitable for advanced, complex folds!

Please take a look at the BOS Model Collections which contain a range of models produced specifically for a BOS convention and as such contain many exciting new designs.

Wholesales Prices
We can offer wholesale prices on orders over £100.00. If you would like more details then please use the contact form on our site. Alternatively, you can place an order with us and we can refund your discount retrospectively or you can simply fill your cart without checking out, then send us an email and we can send you a PayPal money request for the discounted amount.

January Sales
Check out our Friday and Wholesale pages for some exceptional bargains on boxes/cartons of paper. These will appear during January and into February and will be for bulk purchases